TripCase Access and manage all of your corporate details in one place. Get real-time flight alerts, company travel guidelines and location-related messages. Plus, get local maps and directions and share itineraries with colleagues and loved ones. Visit the TripCase page for more information.

GateGuru  This app, affiliated with TripAdvisor, is a know-it-all in the best possible way. It can help you navigate airports around the world. Tap the app to find a terminal, a restroom or the shops with the best coffee and food. Plus, a fun travel stats feature lets you count the miles you've flown, the number of airports you've visited and more. See where you rank compared to other users. Visit the GateGuru page for more information.   

XE Currency App  Take the hassle out of currency conversion with this app that lets you convert 180+ currencies with live proprietary exchange rates and historical charts. The free version lets you personalize your settings; follow multiple currencies at one time; and compare provider prices to the XE rate.  This app is available for  iPhone iPad Android BlackBerry Windows, and  Firefox OS devices.  

*if you have used one not listed but feel it will benefit other travelers at BYU-Idaho please let us know.