Policy Owner:    Financial Services
Approval Date:  November 25, 2019
Approved By:    President’s Council
Last Revision:    November 25, 2019


The purpose of the Travel Policy is to provide employees with specific guidelines associated with all types of BYU-Idaho sponsored travel, to ensure the best use of University resources, and to safeguard the welfare of employees, students, and guests as they travel on University business.  


BYU-Idaho supports appropriate use of University funds for travel in furtherance of its mission.  Approval for travel in accordance with established procedures is required prior to incurring any expenses. Employees are expected to spend funds prudently, follow the travel policies and procedures, and complete reconciliation for travel expenses in a timely manner. In most cases, the use of personal credit cards for University travel expenses is not approved.  Expenditures for personal travel should not be charged to the University.

This policy expressly incorporates all procedures listed in the BYU-Idaho Travel Policy and Procedures.  Procedures are subject to change and are applicable to all employee, guest, and student travel.


The following procedures support the BYU-Idaho Travel Policy and other University policies associated with travel.