Revised:    February 7, 2014
Activity Waiver Form
Air Transport
Allowable Travel Expenses
Approved Travel Authorization Form
Bus Driver Tipping/Gratuities
Complimentary Travel from Vendors
Dependent Travel Expense
Deviation From Itinerary Request Form
Deviations in Travel
Employee Travel Authorization Form
Evaluation Criteria
Fee Collection
Final Trip Settlement
GeoBlue International Medical Insurance
Group Travel Card Policy
Group Travel Procedures
International Travel Emergencies
Meals Per Diem Rates
Medical Insurance
Mileage Table to Major Cities
Mixed Gender/Companion Travel
Online Travel Reports
Other Travel Policies
Overnight Student Travel Request
Personal Profiles
Pregnancy and Nursing Infants
Probation Status
Receipts for Travel Expenses
Rental Vehicles
Required vs. Non-Required Travel
Same Day vs. Overnight Travel
Seminar and Conference Registration Fees
Student Authorized Absence Policy & Request Form
Student Fees and Fee Cards
Tour Group Checklist Form
Tour Group Travel Risk
Travel Advances
Travel Application Form
Travel Card Policy
Travel Charges to Departmental Accounts
Travel Contact Information
Travel Insurance Coverage
Travel Request Process
Travel Participants Roll Form
Travel with Non-University Persons
University Vehicles and Personal Vehicles
Updated Travel Policy for Fleet Services
Use of Corporate Credit Card or Personal Credit Card
Wire Transfers