Student Travel Participant Form

Before having students participate in travel, the sponsoring university employee must complete and turn in the forms shown above.

Student Authorized Absence Policy and Request Form

Students need to have each of their professors sign this form before participating in university sponsored travel that will require them to miss their academic courses.

Waiver for Student Travel and Activities

This waiver should be used for all non-required student tours and travel or for required travel if the students opt to make their own travel arrangements. An employee should complete the top portion paying special attention to the specific risks associated with that activity. Signed waivers should be retained two (2) years plus the current year unless an incident occurs then they should be retained five (5) years plus the current year.

Request for Deviation from Itinerary - Personal Travel

This form should be used in situations where a travel participant requests to deviate from the travel group's planned itinerary.

Who to Call

Need more information or help planning your next trip? Give us a call and we'll lend you a hand!