A Travel Request using the online travel system should be used by employees for employee overnight travel. Follow the detailed instructions accessed through the help button on the travel request page. If several employees are traveling together, one Travel Request may be made in the name of one of the travelers as long as all meals will be the same. If meal reimbursements will be different for an employee, a separate Travel Request should be used. Use a different T.A. for each trip.

After submitting a Travel Request, an e-mail requesting approval will be sent to the traveling employee's supervisor or to someone at a management level higher than the employee's supervisor specified in the travel request. If there is a problem or concern the supervisor can deny the request and an e-mail will be sent to the travel requester with an explanation. If travel is approved, an e-mail will be sent to the employee, Accounting Office, and Travel Office.

The T.A. number included in the e-mail should be used to identify all expenses relating to the approved trip, such as airfare, travel to and from airport, school vehicle, personal vehicle, other transportation, meals, lodging, registration fees, and other expenses.  The total cost of the trip will be charged to the department after (1) the online travel reimbursement has been completed and all receipts are turned into the Accounting Office, (2) all costs of the trip have been accumulated using the T.A. number. If the trip is not reported as completed by the end of each month, the accumulated charges to that point will appear as an encumbrance on the monthly departmental reports for budgeted departments.

To cancel a T.A. after it has already been approved the traveler or their supervisor should email a cancellation request to the Purchase Card/Travel Specialist. If the supervisor sends the cancellation request the traveler must be copied on the email to ensure they are aware of the cancellation. If an office assistant requests cancellation the supervisor and traveler needs to be included on the emailed request.