Travel Application Form

Revised:    August 26, 2013

Departments sponsoring overnight student travel programs should obtain travel approval from their vice president or his designee using an Overnight Student Travel Request form. The approved application should be submitted to the Travel Office at least fourteen (14) days prior to departure (9 months for international travel) and should include at a minimum:

  • Purpose of the travel
  • Benefits to students
  • Those supervising the travel (if student employee will participate in a supervisory status, they must be included on travel roster for clearance by the Dean of Students Office)
  • Number of students expected to participate
  • Planned travel itinerary
  • Beginning and ending dates of travel
  • Specific use of funds, including total estimated cost
  • Cost per student
  • If academic travel, whether the travel is an academic requirement or educational opportunity
  • Overnight accommodations
  • Evidence of proper authorization
  • Means of transportation
  • Vehicles used
  • Authorized drivers

For overnight travel, trip managers must also complete a Travel Authorization (TA). As a general rule, a TA is required for all travel except tour travel. Your final student list, employee list, emergency list, emergency contact phone numbers, and detailed travel itinerary with hotel numbers and addresses, and phone numbers are required 3 working days prior to your departure date. Please send them to your VP travel Designee.

Tours must be approved by the appropriate vice president or his designee before the tour is advertised or applications accepted. Once approved, the Accounting Office will be advised to set up an account for the tour. A Group Travel Expense Report (GTE) will be prepared and given to the trip manager by the Accounting Office when the tour is approved and set up on the tour system. Please review the Tour Group Checklist to help in making sure you have done everything that is needed.

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