Travel Advances should be requested only for cash actually needed. An advance should not be requested for expenses that can be charged on a credit card or can be paid with a BYU-Idaho check.

Cash advances between $25 and $600 can be requested up to seven days in advance of travel until the day you will leave. 

    • Select the appropriate TA number for travel.  If you will not be traveling within seven days the system will not allow an advance.
  • Request the amount of travel advance desired.  The maximum travel advance available may include more than meals.  Please refer to your Travel Authorization for the amount of money related to meals and other expenses.  (travel to and from airport, personal vehicle, and other expenses) for which you can receive an advance.
    • Two options are available for an advance. 
      • The preferred option is to direct deposit the advance to your financial institution.
        • Direct deposit of your advance can take up to two business days to reach your account.  You can choose an account already on file or request the advance be sent to another account by entering the required information.
      • The second option is to request a check that will print immediately at the Cashiers Office.
        • The check may be cashed or taken with you.  Bring your I-Card with you to pick up and/or cash the check.  If you are sending an office assistant to pick up the advance they will need to bring the traveler's I-Card with them for authorization. 

Group tours will be issued cash over the allowable limit by authorization of the tour director.  For large amount travel advances for tours, please contact Accounts Payable at ext. 1997 for options. Travel advances are considered as loans to employees. When the travel advance exceeds the actual expenses reported on the TA, the difference should be deposited at the Cashiers Office after the travel has been reconciled.  The travel advance may be deducted from the employee's paycheck if the unused portion of the cash is not returned to the Cashiers Office and the expenses incurred are not reported on the TA within five working days of returning from the trip.