Revised:    March 1, 2010

The university has no responsibility to provide transportation for students traveling to university-approved programs and activities, or to fulfill course requirements. To promote proper safety and insurance coverage, when the university opts to provide transportation, all such transportation must be by university vehicle, public commercial carrier, or other expressly approved modes of transportation. Any exception must be in writing with approval of a vice president or his designee. Travel by private vehicle is strongly discouraged when the university provides transportation. Students traveling by private vehicle may not be required to carry passengers, but may voluntarily elect to do so. All road travel between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. is prohibited unless by commercial carrier or university bus or within 60 miles of terminal destination.

Student drivers must obtain a University driving permit to drive a University automobile. All student drivers who operate University vans, pickups, and trucks are required to obtain a University van and pickup permit. Training is conducted by University Fleet Services (ext. 2561).

All drivers will abide by applicable driving laws and regulations.

University-provided student travel shall not be allowed by private airplane.

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