Tour Group Travel Risk

Revised:    March 1, 2010

All domestic and international tours (as defined in "Same Day vs. Overnight Travel" policy) sponsored by the University will require a final risk review that shall occur within 48 hours of departure.

The review should be done by a party independent of those actually going on tour. Academic and performance tour reviews will be done by the Academic Administrator. The review should include accessing and evaluating information from each of the following sources where applicable:

  1. The International Security Advisor at the BYU Kennedy Center of International Studies
  2. The State Department website at
  3. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) travel website to identify any threatening disease outbreaks that may be occurring at the destination and/or airports that will be visited as part of the trip. The information can be found at
  4. The World Health Organization (WHO) countries website to assess dangers. The information can be found at
  5. The International SOS website at

An e-mail will be generated by the reviewing party indicating briefly the result of the review. A copy of the e-mail will be submitted to the appropriate vice president, the chairman of the Travel Committee, the Purchasing/Travel Director, and the Risk Management/Banking Coordinator.

If a significant threat is identified, a council should include the appropriate vice president or his designee, the tour director, a representative of Risk Management, the Purchasing/Travel Director and others deemed appropriate by the vice president. The vice president will make the ultimate decision regarding the disposition based upon the information available. The decision should be communicated to all necessary campus departments in a timely manner.

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