A BYU-Idaho Telephone Long Distance (LD) Credit Card number must be used in order to make long distance telephone calls from a campus phone. These cards may also be used at home. Employees may obtain a card for use in their work. Employees, campus Church units, and students living on campus may obtain a card for their personal and Church use. The Accounting Office (KIM 130, 496-1921) should be contacted to either request or cancel a card.


  1. Department chairmen and account managers may obtain an LD card for business calls for each of their employees. These calls will be charged to their department account. There is a separate card and number for each employee so that the chairman or manager can monitor the calls.
  2. Stakes and wards on campus may obtain an LD card and have the calls billed to their account. We suggest that a new number be obtained each time the leadership changes.
  3. Employees may obtain an LD card for their own personal use. Their personal account will be charged for calls.
  4. Students living on campus may obtain an LD card by first paying a $5.00 processing fee (non-refundable) at the Cashiers Office. Then the card may be picked up the next day at the Accounting Office. Calls will be charged to their personal account. Each student must apply for a new card each school year.
  5. LD cards held by employees and Church units will not be cancelled until the Accounting Office has been notified. Student LD cards will be cancelled automatically at the end of Winter Semester each year unless the student notifies the Accounting Office that they will be on campus during the summer.
  6. Employees and students who have personal LD cards agree to pay for all calls made on that LD number. This number should not be shared with anyone. If the number becomes known by someone else, contact the Accounting Office immediately and a new LD card and number will be issued.
  7. If there are any questions concerning specific calls on the monthly telephone bill, call the Telecommunications Office (496-7000). For any questions concerning payments, contact the Accounting Office (KIM 130, 496-1900).