Revised:    February 16, 2017

Same Day travel does not require an administrative, faculty, or staff supervisor to travel with the group. It does require, at the very least, a properly trained student supervisor with appropriate University driving permits.

Overnight student travel requires full-time faculty, administrative, or staff personnel to supervise travel plans and to accompany the students. Exceptions allowing supervision and accompaniment by part-time faculty or personnel must be properly authorized.

For all international travel and domestic tour groups: The Travel Administrator (ext. 1974) shall be the primary contact for communications with the Church and Brigham Young University (Provo) regarding travel security issues.

When traveling internationally, trip managers and advisors should adhere to applicable University policy and take reasonable and necessary safety precautions given the circumstances of the trip including:

  • Briefing the students about potential dangers and any known areas or practices that should be avoided.
  • Reviewing the latest U.S. State Department travel advisories and information links provided by International SOS.
  • Exercising due care in implementing travel plans.
  • Ensuring students have appropriate documentation (passports, visas, etc.) to allow them to travel abroad and re-enter the United States. Be aware there may be additional requirements for international students to enter other countries and to re-enter the United States.

The advisor/student ratio for international travel is 1:15 (1:20 for student performance tours) with a minimum of three advisors.

The advisor/student ratio for tours in the continental United States is 1:20 with a minimum of three advisors.

Backup advisors should be available and prepared to join the group in the event of an emergency. The name of the backup advisors should be provided to the Travel Office prior to departure. Appropriate care should be taken to ensure the number of advisors of each gender represent the number of students of each gender traveling with the group.

The ratios for advisors does not apply to Same Day trips. For non-tour domestic travel, groups must have an adequate number of advisors and backup advisors as determined by the appropriate vice president or his designee.

Managers of travel activities and programs should clearly state their expectations and desired outcomes prior to the beginning of any such student program or activity.

Minimum expectations for dress and grooming is the University classroom dress standard. Exceptions may be made to the policy dependent on circumstances.

Trip managers and instructors should clearly state the policy of the University regarding behavioral and academic requirements of all students.

Trip managers should be aware of and take reasonable and necessary precautions against potential dangers associated with student travel.

Students may not be taken out of classes without obtaining a Student Authorized Absence Form. The completed form should be provided to the instructors of classes to be missed at least seven days prior to the missed classes. In planning and conduction student travel, advisors and faculty should consider the impact of taking students away from campus and make efforts to minimize student absences.

When Sunday travel is absolutely necessary, the advisor should arrange schedules so the group can attend a regularly scheduled sacrament meeting service.

If a student becomes sick, is hospitalized, is involved in an accident, or dies while traveling internationally, GeoBlue international health insurance should be notified immediately, and the GeoBlue Claim Policy instructions should be followed (See "International Travel Emergencies" policy).

Trip managers and advisors should enforce University policy concerning sexual harassment and inappropriate gender-based behavior and maintain a high level of propriety in faculty/student relationships.

If a student requires overnight/extended medical attention or has conduct problems, an advisor must remain/travel with the student until the student is able to continue or, if necessary, accompany the student home. Based on the circumstances when an advisor remains with a student, a backup advisor may need to join the group on short notice.

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