In addition to tuition, a fee may be charged for those classes and programs which require expenditures above the basic tuition. All fees must be approved by the President's staff. All fees are charged to the student Personal Accounts and should be paid at the Cashiers Office along with Tuition.


  1. Appropriate fees are determined when a student registers for classes. Details of these fees are found in the school catalog.
  2. Class and program fees may be added or dropped before the Final Payment Deadline for each semester, block, or term. After this deadline, most fees are not refundable. Class supplies, travel, and deposit fees which may be refundable can only be refunded by the instructors (see #4 below).
  3. If a student appears on the roll of a class which has a special fee, the student will have been already charged and the department will receive the fees in their account unless the student drops the class before the Final Payment Deadline.
  4. If an instructior decides to give a refund of a class fee to the student after the Final Payment Deadline, he should contact the Accounting Office, either by email or memo. The refund will be credited first to any outstanding debt of the student and then to his personal deposit account.