Student Authorized Absence Policy and Request Form

Revised:    September 26, 2013

Participants in travel and activities not required by the University where there is potential risk to the participant must sign a waiver approved by Financial Services. This includes all non-affiliated travelers and/or participants.

Student travel is considered to be "required" if the travel is necessary for the student to fulfill the requisites of a course or to participate in an official activity, and the trip is organized by the University and involves the supervision of University faculty or personnel. For example, a geology class traveling to Southern Utah as a group, with its instructor, to fulfill a class assignment is required travel. Typically, this type of travel is included in the course syllabus. In this case, no waiver would be required. Conversely, if students were merely encouraged by the University to travel as a group in a private vehicle to attend a professional conference, such travel would not be considered to be required and signed waivers would need to be collected by the appropriate department. This is true even if the University contributes to the expenses of the trip and/or a faculty member accompanies the student group. If a student chooses to take their personal vehicle rather use University-arranged transportation, a waiver would be required.  This policy does not address circumstances where students travel on their own to fulfill class assignments or to conduct research since this travel is personal to the students.

The waiver should be customized for the trip by the trip manager, reviewed by Financial Services, signed by the participant, and kept by the department sponsoring the travel for two (2) years plus the current year. If an incident occurs, the waivers should be sent, along with an incident report, to Financial Services at 290 Kimball immediately.Copies of anything regarding the incident should be retained by the sponsoring department for five (5) years.

Student Authorized Absence Policy & Request Form
Assumption of Risk form

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