HTH International Medical Insurance


Since August 1st, 2012, it is mandatory that international travel insurance be procured for all employee international travel.  This expense should be included on your Travel Authorization (TA) under the "Other Expenses" category and will be paid automatically by the University.

Policy Summary
HTH Insurance will help cover medical expenses for students and faculty while they are traveling abroad participating in University-sponsored activities. It also includes coverage for political, security, and natural disaster evacuation if arrangements are made by HTH International Insurance.

THIS INSURANCE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. To secure coverage, the trip itinerary and the insurance roster needs to be completed and submitted to Financial Services/Risk Management a minimum of 30 days before departure. Coverage is currently $10.50 per week or $39.50 per month, per participant and can be purchased for accompanying family members at different pricing levels.

Please be aware that coverage must be purchased in whole weeks or months and term lengths cannot be mixed (ie. we can't purchase 1 month and 1 week to secure 5 weeks of coverage; HTH requires that 5 weeks be purchased or 2 months).  Coverage must be procured for the duration of the entire trip abroad. Please direct any questions to Tyler Andreasen at (208)496-1972.