Release of Payroll Forms & Information

Revised:    February 13, 2013


Payroll notifications & payroll information will be given only to the employee to whom the information pertains and to authorized requests from government agencies.


  1. Photo I.D. will be required before payroll information will be given to any employee unless the payroll clerk is personally acquainted with the employee.
  2. Payroll information will not be released to anyone other than the employee, except with the employee gives written permission as described below.
    • The employee must provide the University with a signed and dated statement authorizing BYU-Idaho to release the information to another party.
    • The person being given permission to receive payroll information must be identified by name in the statement.
    • The statement may be for a one-time release or may state that the information may be given to the other party until further notice.
    • The person authorized to receive payroll information must present photo I.D. when picking the item up.
  3. No payroll information will be given to anyone over the phone.
  4. Payroll information requests received by mail must include a statement, signed by the employee, authorizing us to release the information.