Purchasing Cards

Campus employees and departments can apply for and be issued a MasterCard purchasing card which works like any credit card. Purchases are restricted to $2,500 or less per transaction with a maximum monthly total of $10,000 unless otherwise approved by the Director of Financial Services, Purchasing, and the appropriate Vice President. Using a Purchasing Card allows employees to make online purchases and local purchases that are under $2,500 without submitting a requisition to Purchasing.  This is the preferred method of purchasing for orders under $2,500.

Credit card statements  must be reconciled and submitted to the Accounting Office with receipts for all purchases before the 15 th of the month. Repeated failure to meet this deadline may result in the cancellation of the Purchasing Card.

Application forms for a new Purchasing Card are obtained from the Financial Services secretary in 290 Kimball (ext. 1901). Each form requires the signature of the proposed cardholder and the custodian or department chairman of the General Ledger account number to be charged. If the applicant is also the custodian of the the account, his immediate supervisor will be required to approve the application.

To see the policy regarding Purchasing Cards, please visit the  Purchasing Card Policy page.

Check Requests and Invoices

Check Requests should be used for purchases and payments under $2,500 where a Hand Check or Purchasing Card would be inappropriate.

To see the policy regarding Check Requests, please see the  Check Requests Policy page.