The Workday Financial Management system uses University bank cards, Expense ReportsRequisitionsSupplier Requests, and Supplier Invoice Requests to assist employees with the procurement of goods and services as well as payment of suppliers (vendors). 

Expense Reportallow you to reconcile University bank card purchases (including travel purchases) as well as apply for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. Provide receipts for transactions you wish to reconcile. 

University bank cards include OneCards, Department Cards, Society Cards, and Group Travel Cards. University bank card transactions are automatically loaded into the Workday system and must be reconciled by the 15th of the month following the purchase date. Employees are encouraged to use University bank cards and avoid out-of-pocket transactions. 

NOTE: To properly reconcile a purchase in Workday, wait until the associated transaction is loaded into your account and then connect the purchase with a receipt. If you do not select a transaction but do submit a receipt, this will prompt a reimbursement request.

Requisition(formerly Purchase Requisitions) allow you to purchase goods and services without using a University bank card. You can create, view, and edit three types of Requisitions in Workday: Search Catalog, Request Non-Catalog Items, and Connect to Supplier Website. 

  • Search Catalog allows you to purchase at-cost items from the BYU-Idaho Stores and Receiving Catalog.  
  • Request Non-Catalog Items allows you to make larger or more expensive purchases that might require assistance from the Purchasing department. All requisitions over $2,500, capital equipment, software, or larger volume items mustbe purchased using the Request Non-Catalog Items process.  
  • Connect to Supplier Website Requisitions, or punchouts, allow you to connect to a contracted supplier’s website (like Amazon and Staples) in order to purchase items at contracted rates without using a University bank card.

Supplier Invoice Requests(formerly Funds Requests) allow you to submit a request for payment to an established off-campus supplier. 

Supplier Requestsallow you to request a supplier be added into Workday if your desired supplier is not already listed in the system. The Purchasing department will perform an evaluation of each requested supplier.