Purchase Orders

All purchases of goods or services over $2,500 are processed by the Purchasing Department and require a Purchase Requisition (PR). Requisitions can be completed online at http://www.byui.edu/financial-services/purchasing-and-disbursements. For detailed instructions on how to fill out a requisition see "How to Fill Out a Requisition" included in this packet. The following are some important points to remember about requisitions:

  • A requisition authorizes the use of funds on an account and can only be filled out by someone authorized on the account.
  • Once you submit your requisition you should receive an email copy of it. If you do not get this email your requisition has not been submitted.
  • After your requisition has been submitted it may go to the budget steward for final authorization. This common with capitol equipment purchases.
  • After the requisition has been approved it is sent to Purchasing to be processed. You may suggest a supplier on the requisition but only purchasing is authorized to commit funds over $2,500.
  • Once your requisition has been processed you will receive an email with a copy of the Purchase Order.

Blanket Orders

A few contract vendors have Blanket Order Agreements, where Release Numbers (PRAs) can be used to place of Purchase Orders. this Release Numbers ties back to your account number and Accounts Payable will pay the invoice using that number instead of a Purchase Order. Release Numbers, sometimes called PRA numbers, can be obtained by calling extension 2312 or emailing the Purchasing Office.

Only if we have established a Blanket Order with a vendor can you use Release Numbers to purchase items. You cannot use a Release Number with a vendor if their name does not appear on the list at http://www.byui.edu/financial-services/purchasing-and-disbursements/pra-vendor-information/pra-vendor-list.

Blanket Order vendors are usually local businesses or vendors that we do a large volume of low dollar business with on a regular basis. This is not as preferable as using as Purchasing Card.

There is an updated list of vendors authorized to accept these Release Numbers included in your packet and on the Purchasing web page under Vendor Information-PRA Vendors.