Pregnant students are permitted to travel. However, if the travel extends into the 24th week of pregnancy, written permission from the student's doctor is required. The doctor's permission documentation should indicate an estimate of the due date. If the trip will take the student to within 30 days of the due date, then the student may not travel. For travel by air, the guidelines of the specific airline should also be followed.

Children of students are generally not permitted to travel with student groups. However, at times, student mothers will submit requests to bring a nursing infant on a student trip. Although instructors are not required to consent to these requests, they may authorize them based on the best interests of the infant, the mother, and all participating students, under the following conditions:

  • The infant should not pose a distraction from the learning environment.
  • The nature of the trip should not pose an inordinate safety risk to the infant or other participants.
  • Prior to authorizing this type of exception, other participants in the trip should be polled in a confidential manner. If there are reasonable concerns by these participants, the exception should not be granted, and alternative means of fulfilling any related class assignments should be offered to the mother.
  • Participation must be authorized by the instructor or trip manager.
  • A liability waiver for the child's travel must be signed and submitted by the mother and submitted to the instructor prior to the travel.
  • The infant must be secured into an infant safety seat during all automobile travel.
  • Housing accommodations should be made for the mother and infant that are appropriate for the situation.
  • Any additional costs incident to infant travel (extra vehicle rental, etc.) must be borne by the mother.
  • The details of this exception must be made clear on the Overnight Student Travel Authorization when it is submitted.