The Petty Cash Policy gives employees quick access to cash for miscellaneous local purchases under $100. Certain departments on campus have been authorized to have petty cash funds, but most employees must go to the Cashiers Office for advances and reimbursements.

Expenditures using petty cash must have the signature of the employee who is authorized to expend the funds from the account to be charged. All expenditures must be supported with receipts. Any employee receiving a cash advance must return either the cash or receipts or both to the petty cash custodian within 24 hours.


  1. The petty cash limit is $100. Use a Check Request or a Departmental Hand Check for larger amounts (Reference D-4 and D-5).
  2. Do not use petty cash for gas or travel. Use the regular travel reimbursement form or Check Requests.
  3. Do not use petty cash for the payment of any services. Payment for services must be processed through the Payroll Office or on a Check Request so that proper reporting can be made to the IRS.
  4. When a Petty Cash Voucher is used to reimburse an employee who has spent personal money for a miscellaneous purchase, attach appropriate receipts and obtain an authorized signature. Take the voucher either to the Cashiers Office or a petty cash custodian for reimbursement.
  5. If a cash advance is needed to make the miscellaneous purchase, the employee can obtain the cash from the Cashiers Office or a petty cash custodian by partially completing and signing the Petty Cash Voucher. This voucher, containing the same information and authorized signature as stated above must be returned within 24 hours along with the money and/or receipts to the Cashiers Office or to the custodian from whom the cash advance was obtained. Otherwise, the employee will be charged for the cash advance.