Department heads are responsible to ensure the accurate recording of all time worked by all employees (except faculty) and to report this to the Payroll Office by the published deadlines.


  1. The TIME AND ATTENDANCE REPORT on the web should be completed by each department for all salaried administrative and staff employees. The location for this page is http://www.byui.edu/payroll/. Click the Time Sheets and Time and Attendance link. Choose the appropriate reporting point and click on the employee you will be entering time for.
    1. Total hours worked by Staff Employees should be recorded to the nearest tenth of an hour. Enter hours worked in regular column, and any hours absent in the appropriate column. If the absence is for any other reason than the labeled columns, click the other button on that day. Enter the appropriate reason and number of hours. This may be done more than one time on each day if necessary.
    2. Any day the Administrative Employee is present for work should be recorded by clicking the appropriate check box for the day. Enter hours in the appropriate column. If the absence is for any other reason than the labeled columns, click the other button on that day. Enter the appropriate reason and number of hours. This may be done more than one time on each day if necessary. If the employee is at work any part of the day, please click the check box and record absent hours.
    3. After entering hours for each employee a total will appear at the bottom of the columns. Review to be sure all time has been entered. If correct, click "Save Employee Time" button. If time entered is not equal to, or more than the time that should be worked in the pay period a message will appear informing you of this. If the employee is new and has not worked for the full pay period, please enter "L" for leave without pay for the days not worked.
    4. Overtime hours and extra straight hours are calculated by the computer and verified by the Payroll Office after the time is sent.
    5. After all hours have been entered the supervisor or authorized employee needs to review time and submit to payroll. A report showing the time will be printed when time is submitted for reporting points with staff (non-exempt) employees. Each staff employee must initial their own time and this report must be sent to the Payroll Office. If all employees have not initialed it will be returned. If an employee is on the Time and Attendance page they will not be allowed to send to payroll. Payroll keeps a computer file of authorized employees.
  2. Time Clock
    1. Students and hourly employees clock in and out each day. The time is updated on the web page each time they clock out. The instructions for the time clock are at http://www.byui.edu/payroll/timeclock_help.htm.
    2. At the end of the pay period the supervisor should review the time of each employee. If the name is in red there is an error and it must be corrected before it can be submitted. If they forgot to clock out the last day and it has been over 8 hours an error will occur. If this happens and the student can't be reached the supervisor can modify time. The student will be notified when they clock in the next time as to what the modification was. If there is a problem the student should contact the supervisor and work it out.
  3. Department chairmen or managers are responsible for the accuracy of the time reported to the Payroll Office. They should logon, review time and send to payroll. However, a department employee may be authorized by them to send these sheets. If so, the Payroll Office must be notified in writing of the name of this individual. Such authorization does not relieve the chairmen or managers from their responsibility for the accuracy of the reported hours. In no case can an employee be authorized to send a pay sheet on which his or her own time will appear.
  4. If for some reason a time card is not entered on the Time Sheet and it is sent to payroll for entry, the time card must be signed by both the employee and the supervisor and given directly to the payroll clerk.
  5. If an employee's name does not appear on either the Time and Attendance Report or the Time Sheet, and you are unable to add, contact Human Resources immediately. Remember that an employee cannot be paid unless cleared by Human Resources.
  6. Time Sheets must be completed and submitted to the Payroll Office by noon on the first day following the last day of the payroll period (15th and last day of the month). This needs to be done timely to allow payroll to solve any questions that may arise from the payroll process.
  7. If it becomes necessary to prepare a hand check because of a delay in the department, a late time card, or an error in reporting the correct time by the department, the department (not the employees) will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.