Payments for employment are made to regular employees either by direct deposit into each employee's bank account or by check to the employee. Payment for student employees are made either by direct deposit to their bank account or deposit to their student account. Employees are encouraged to have their pay deposited directly to their bank account.


  1. Payroll advances will not be made.
  2. Payroll direct deposits or payroll checks are available on the 8th and 23rd day of each month or sooner if these days fall on a weekend or holiday.
  3. Payroll Notifications: Payroll notifications are available electronically on the web at http://www.byui.edu/payroll/notify. Paper notifications are sent only to retirees and some part-time temporary employees. Notification information is available on the web two days prior to payday and shows detailed information regarding:
    • Gross Pay
    • Net Pay
    • Deductions
    • Vacation
    • Sick Leave
    • Exemptions
    • Filing Status