Payments must be in the Cashiers Office on or before the deadline dates. Late charges will be made when deadlines are missed.


  1. All payments are due to the University by the end of the month following the month in which the charge was made unless a specific due date is given. The specific dates include those listed below.
  2. Tuition Payment Deadlines are published for each semester and term in the catalog and class schedules. All tuition and fees should be paid by this date. Otherwise, a late payment fee of 5% on the unpaid balance will be charged.
  3. Student Medical Insurance Deadlines are the same as the Tuition Payment Deadlines shown above. This is also the deadline for the purchase of insurance for student dependents. The only exception will be when the student is dropped from private insurance or a dependent has been added (such as marriage or birth) during the semester. Then the deadline will be one month after the change takes place.
  4. Campus Housing Deadlines are listed in the Housing Contracts.
  5. Meal Contract Deadlines are listed in the Meal Contracts.
  6. BYU-Idaho Emergency Loans are usually due before the end of each semester or term. The specific due date is on the loan note signed by the student. When the loan is paid by the due date, interest is not charged. However, if payment in full is not made by this date, interest will be charged from the day the loan was received by the student.