The Accounting Services disburses all financial aid after being processed and approved by the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, and Accounting Services. All aid is initially posted to each student's account at the University and then used to pay tuition, fees, books campus housing, and other debts. The balance can be accessed through E-Refund or a check will be mailed to the student within 14 days of the disbursement. 


  1. The following offices process and approve the listed financial aid.
    • Financial Aid Office (Kimball 100, 208-496-1600) - Federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Subsidized Loans, Federal Stafford Unsubsidized Loans, Canadian government grants, Idaho Promise Scholarships, BYU-Idaho grants, Bureau of Indian affairs, and state and other governmental grants.
    • Scholarships Office (Kimball 120, 208-496-1600) - BYU-Idaho scholarships and scholarships from off-campus.
    • Accounting Services (Kimball 130, 208-496-1900) - vocational rehabilitation grants, military assistance, INL, and other grants which have to be billed to a sponsor.
  2. Once financial aid has been processed and awarded, the amount will appear on the Class Schedule and Fees Form as a deduction from the amount of tuition and fees owing. However, the funds will not be available until the first of the semester or term. Each student can also see the amount of approved aid, both the amounts posted and unposted to the Personal Account Summary page.
  3. Financial aid cannot be disbursed or made available until the first day of the semester or term. Students must be registered for the required minimum number of credits at the time of disbursement. To obtain Federal Pell Grants and Stafford Loans, students must also have submitted a Title IV Authorization Form to the Bursar's Office, or complete this form on the internet, which gives authorization to apply the aid to student debts.
    If any student is only going to attend one semester, only one-half of the loan will be disbursed at the beginning of the semester, with the second half two months later. Students do not have to wait for the Pell Grants. First time borrowers must also have completed an Entrance Counseling (over the web) and Master Promissory Note before the first loan can be given.
  4. Students should go to the Cashiers Office to have their aid applied to tuition, fees, etc. and to pick up any remaining balance. The student may receive this balance in cash (up to $400) or by check, or it may be left on deposit to be picked up later.
  5. The student may at anytime view his personal account on the internet and see the disposition of his financial aid on their Personal Account Summary page.
  6. Tuition Waivers are automatically process for those who are eligible.
  7. All off-campus scholarship checks must be processed through the Financial Aid Office.
  8. The Accounting Office will bill governmental and private agencies which require billing before the funds will be available. Students should bring in the required authorizations to the Accounting Office so that this can be done.