Fee Collection

Revised:    October 21, 2013

The cost of Same Day and Overnight travel (including any applicable insurance costs) may be paid with class fees or departmental funds. When students are charged for the travel, a list of the students will be submitted to the Accounting Office, and the students' Personal Accounts will be charged.

When a tour is approved, the Accounting Office will set up the tour on the computer. The trip manager (or secretary) will enter on the computer each student whose application has been accepted. When students are entered on the computer, their Personal Account will be charged. Students then make payments at the Cashiers Office or to their Personal Account on the web. CAMPUS DEPARTMENTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO COLLECT FUNDS DIRECTLY FROM STUDENTS. The trip manager is responsible to ensure that all participating students have their travel fees paid before the travel occurs. A report of charges and payments is available at any time on the web.

The sponsoring department will be responsible to pay any deficit incurred by the tour.

University funds should not be used to pay personal travel expenses of those unaffiliated with BYU-Idaho and who accompany University personnel or students such as employees' or students' spouses. In the event accompanying individuals have a legitimate, approved University business purpose, incurred expenses may be authorized by the vice president or their designee.

Non-participating students may travel to conferences or meetings with authorized University groups where space is available without increasing transportation costs. They must, however, pay all additional costs including cost of food, lodging, and convention or workshop fees from personal or other non-University funds. University advisors and instructors accompanying the students may be reimbursed according to normal University Travel Policy guidelines.

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