BYU-Idaho has a contract for cellular telephone service with Sprint. In order to increase the number of minutes used under the contract and therefore to obtain the lowest possible price, the University makes the services available to its employees at cost. Some of the major provisions of the cellular contract are:


  1. All non-temporary employees and retirees of BYU-Idaho are eligible to obtain cellular service under the contract. All applications for cellular service are subject to credit approval by the Accounting Office.
  2. Eligible employees may obtain cellular phones for use by others. However, the responsibility for payment of charges incurred remains with the employee. For purposes of the cellular service agreement, immediate family includes: The employee's spouse and the employee and spouse's children, parents and siblings.
  3. Details of charges for each phone in services are available on the Web under Your Account. charges are billed to the account monthly. Billing period ends on the 22nd of the month.
  4. To request a new phone line or phone problems contact Sprint (3467) in the bookstore.