Revised: 12/12/2016


Approved by: President's Council.       Date of approval: 12/12/2016

Supervisors may request a monthly subsidy for employees who regularly use their personal cell phone for business use.  Approval is required by the employee's line management with final approval from their managing director, dean, or equivalent.


Policy owner: Financial Services         
If a supervisor determines that an employee utilizes their cell phone for business purposes, the supervisor may complete a Cell Phone Subsidy Request Form requesting a subsidy to be credited to the employee's account on a monthly basis.  The amount of the subsidy to be requested is determined based on the estimated volume of usage of the employee's cell phone for business purposes and the selection of one of the approved dollar amounts on the subsidy form.  The completed form should be routed through line management to the appropriate managing director or dean for final approval before being sent to Accounting Services. This policy exists to provide a more streamlined method of reimbursing employees for the business use of their phone.

If special circumstances or duties (e.g., emergency on-call) require the employee to have a phone available at all times, the entire actual monthly cell phone cost (up to the maximum Sprint monthly charge) may be approved for charging to the department account directly.

During the annual stewardship review process, supervisors should review those employees in their stewardship receiving a subsidy to determine if it is still warranted.  If it is no longer necessary, the supervisor should notify the Accounting Services Director. 

In addition, if an employee terminates employment or transfers to a different campus department, the supervisor should notify the Accounting Services Director to discontinue the subsidy.