Revised:    October 6, 2015


In accordance with IRS publication 463, sufficient evidence must be provided to prove the expense and support that the business meal was required to conduct university business.


Documentation Needed

  • Complete the Business Meals Documentation form provided by the university or provide required information below on reimbursement request/purchase card purpose description.
    • Provide an itemized receipt showing date, place, and amount of expense.
    • If twelve or fewer provide first and last name of individuals attending the business meal.
    • If thirteen or more, a group name may be used if it is descriptive enough to sufficiently identify the group.
    • A description of the business purpose and/or topics discussed.
    • Names of non-university hosted guests and their business relationship.

Business Meals Documentation


  • When personal funds including a university provided travel and entertainment card are used, the above documentation must be attached to a check request or to a travel authorization.
  • When using a purchase card or group travel card, the above documentation should be attached to the reconciled statement.  
  • When a campus meal card or other internal campus method of payment is used to purchase a meal from a campus food services area the above documentation and form should be kept on file in the department buying the meal for five years.

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