Revised:    August 29, 2013

Ordinary and necessary travel expenses will be reimbursed by the University to traveling employees. Other incidental expenses are to be paid by the employee. The following are examples of reimbursable travel expenses:

  • Appropriate air and vehicle transportation expenses from campus to the destination and return. Any non-business transportation expense during the trip will be the responsibility of the employee.
  • Reasonable business-related cell phone expenses will be reimbursed separate from the Travel Authorization. Submit a check request for the total dollar amount of calls with the cell phone statement attached highlighting the business-related calls.
  • Appropriate lodging accommodations both en route and at destination. A corporate or personal credit card should be used to guarantee and later to pay for lodging reservations. Generally, no charge will be made to the credit card until the trip is made; but if a charge is made to hold accommodations, the traveler should submit a Check Request including the T.A. number to Accounts Payable to obtain reimbursement in time to pay the credit card bill. Any additional charges for a spouse or family member are not reimbursable. If a trip is canceled, it is the traveler's responsibility to cancel hotel reservations to avoid the charge.
  • Reimbursement for meals at the per diem rate, which includes tips. This does not apply to same-day travel. There are two per diem rates. Most destinations are the standard rate. Refer to the BYU-Idaho per diem table for a list of approved "high cost" cities and the rate to be used. Do not include meals which were provided by airlines, conventions, hotels, etc. Actual meal expenses for foreign travel may be used, but receipts are required.
  • Seminar and conference registration fees
  • Vehicle expenses. Vehicle expenses include rental, mileage for use of personal vehicle, gas charges, parking, toll roads, commuter bus, shuttle, and tips for appropriate transportation costs.  Parking tickets are not allowable unless approved by your supervisor.  Moving violations are not reimbursable.
  • Costs for hosting activities.
  • If the expenses are normally direct billed to the University but will include personal expenses the employee should pay with a university travel card (employee responsible pay card) or personal credit card and seek reimbursement.  The University will not pay for personal expenses and seek reimbursement from the employee later.

Meal Per Diem Rates

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