In an effort to provide employees with optimum service and preferred pricing on travel arrangements, all University personnel are required to reserve airfare through the BYU-Idaho Travel Office or use the I Travel online booking tool.  When traveling domestically to a single destination/city employees must use the I Travel on-line booking tool to make airline reservations.  When traveling to multiple destinations, international, group travel, university guest reservations, or when traveling with non-University personnel, contact the Travel Office (x2345 or 2342) to make arrangements.

The traveler is responsible to contact the Travel Office to cancel airline reservations made using I Travel. 

The contracts held by the Church and University will typically match or beat the pricing found online, thus providing you and BYU-Idaho with the greatest value.  Occasionally travel arrangements from outside sources may need to be taken into consideration.  Discuss these arrangements with a travel specialist; if they approve the purchase you will receive an approval email to submit with receipts for your travel reconciliation. Airline tickets purchased outside the Travel Office without prior approval are not authorized by the University and will be the personal responsibility of the individual. 

The traveler is expected to use the lowest available fare that reasonably meets the travel itinerary. If a traveler wants a flight that exceeds the cost of the lowest fare by more than $50, approval from the budget steward or his/her designee will be required by the travel specialist. Additional fees will not be paid solely to acquire frequent flier miles for the traveler.

Making reservations requires a Travel Application (TA) number. These charges are billed directly to BYU-Idaho. The number identifies which trip to charge when costs are paid by the University.

To obtain the best price, plan in advance and try to book tickets 2-3 weeks before the trip. Avoid changes. Changes to an itinerary can be very costly.

If you need to make changes while traveling, call the BYU-Idaho Travel Office.  A travel specialist will assist you to get the best price on the change. For travel emergencies, call 208-313-5660. Any unused portion of an airline ticket should be reviewed with the Travel Office to track the unused ticket for future use.

For information regarding University policy on use of private aircraft go to

Non-refundable vs. Refundable Tickets I Travel tickets are non-refundable. Contact the Travel Office if you need a refundable ticket. In many instances, the cost of a refundable ticket can be up to twice the amount of a nonrefundable ticket. Unused tickets may be applied to future travel for a fee. Nonrefundable tickets cannot be returned for a refund. Notify the Travel Office if you have a ticket that is not used.

When arranging airline travel, please keep the following in mind:

  • When airline reservations need to be changed, notify the Travel Office as soon as possible - before the original departing flight.
  • The Travel Office agents can generally make itinerary changes for a change fee (usually between $100 and $150) when notified before the flight.
  • If a flight is missed or the trip is canceled, the cost of the ticket(s) cannot be refunded. Return the ticket(s) to the Travel Office, and a credit toward a future flight will be issued by the airline in the name of the traveler less the change fee.