Check Requests

Check Requests should be used for purchases and payments under $1,000 where a Departmental Hand Check or Purchasing Card would be inappropriate or for an amount which would not be appropriate to process a Purchase Requisition through the Purchasing Department.

Departmental Hand Checks

Departmental Hand Checks can be signed and used only by those who are authorized to expend funds from the account or accounts being charged. These checks are available for the convenience of authorized employees and have a limited use.

Independent Contractor

Important Information regarding the hiring of independent contrators (ie: sports officials, dance judges, test proctors, etc.)

University Purchasing and Travel Cards

Policies and other information regarding employee Purchase Cards.

Group Travel Card

Group Travel Cards give the cardholder advanced authority for official University purchases. It is only to be used for travel expenses of tour groups.

Wire Transfers

Policies and procedures regarding international and domestic wire transfers.

Who to Call

Our team of professionals can advise you with your purchasing needs.