Leadership grants are awarded to students serving in leadership positions within these approved departments on campus:

  • Security and Safety
  • Student Representative Council
  • Student Honor
  • Student Activities
  • Student Support


  • No FAFSA is required
  • Student must be admitted as a campus student
  • Students must have less than 140 cumulative earned credits at the time of evaluation
  • Student must be meeting the university’s satisfactory academic progress standards


  • Awarding and selection criteria will be determined by each department individually
  • Student may only receive one semester of a leadership grant for a specific leadership position
  • Students may not serve in more than one leadership position at one time
  • Students can serve in each level of leadership a total of three times, although they cannot receive a grant for serving in the same position more than once
  • Leadership grants will be equal to full LDS tuition unless the student is receiving another BYU-Idaho grant, in which case the Leadership grant may be reduced or eliminated if the grants combined will exceed full LDS tuition.


  • Students must be enrolled in 14 or more credits
  • Scholarships will not typically disburse until the first week of the semester
  • Grants may be prorated in a student’s final semester at BYU-Idaho when graduating with a 4-year degree. Request for a proration here.

Application Process

Students should contact the appropriate department to apply for a leadership grant.