BYU-Idaho General scholarships are based on a student’s financial need and self-reliance.

This money generally comes from donors who have generously given to the Church and University to help students obtain their education. Please note that the maximum amount a student can receive each semester is full LDS tuition.


General Scholarships Award Table

Credit Level Full Tuition 3/4 Tuition 1/2 Tuition 1/4 Tuition


$2,059 $1,545 $1,030 $515
9-11.5 $1,545 $1,159 $773 $387
6-8.5 $1,030 $773 $515 $258
.5-5.5 $0 $0 $0


IMPORTANT: General schoalrships will automatically prorate for students enrolled in less than 12 and more than 5.5 credits. All general scholarships will be cancelled for student enrolled in less than 6 credits. General Scholarships are never prorated below 6 credits.

Application Process

  • Students who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens must complete the scholarship application as well as the corresponding FAFSA for the next school year before March 1st.
  • International students must complete ONLY the scholarship application before March 1st. DACA students should follow the same guidelines as international students.


  • Student must be admitted as a campus student
  • Student must be meeting the university’s satisfactory academic progress standards
  • Students must have less than 140 cumulative credits earned at the time of evaluation. All credits appearing on the student’s official transcript are counted including Advance Placement credits, language exam credits, transfer credits, etc.


  • Evaluated annually for the next school year, generally notified in May
  • The number of students receiving general scholarships will be determined by the available scholarship budget and number of applications received
  • Awards are based on the semesters indicated by the student on the scholarship application.


  • Students must complete the “Thank You Letter” posted on their student portal before funds will disburse
  • Student must be enrolled in 12 or more credits to receive the full amount. A student may take 6-11.5 credits and still receive a prorated portion of the scholarship. A student does not need to contact the financial aid office to have this scholarship prorated. This scholarship may NOT be disbursed to a student enrolled in less than 6 credits.
  • Scholarship will typically not disburse until during the first week of the semester.