There are many standards and requirements that our programs must contain in order for the State Department of Education (SDE) to accept our certification recommendations. Student Teaching is not an automatic right or course that anyone can take. We adhere to sending “highly qualified” teacher candidates to Student Teaching. 

Candidates must keep in mind that these requirements have been put in place by the State Department of Education. There are no exceptions to the policies. 

Requirement Process

  • All coursework must be completed with a C- or better in all major and minor courses.
  • All Praxis exams must be passed by mid-term of the semester prior to Student Teaching.
    • It is highly recommended to plan on taking exams before mid-term due dates to allow time for possible retakes.
    • Contact your program director regarding recommendations on when to take exams. 
  • Candidates must pass all parts of the Technology Assessment (SPED 360).
  • Pass all other required exams (Literacy Exams and Writing Proficiency)
  • Candidates must show proof of performance based on the Danielson Framework (ED 461/ED 449/individual program practicums)
  • Candidates must show a continued professional disposition toward education during their time in the program.

All requirements for Student Teaching must be met no later than mid-term of the semester prior to Student Teaching. (This would include failed or not taken Praxis exams, State required exams and coursework.) Students who are incomplete in any requirements are still required to participate in Student Teaching Interviews for their target semester however, their student teaching placement will not be communicated to them, and their placement will be put on hold until all requirements have been met.

By mid-term if students are still incomplete in any requirements, they will be notified and removed from the Student Teaching roster during the week following mid-terms. Once dropped from the Student Teaching roster, these candidates are allowed 10 days to appeal to the Field Services Office (fieldservices@byui.edu208-496-4140) if they feel they have extenuating circumstances that warrants an exception.