Preparation Process Due Dates

Target Student Teaching Semester Preparation Process Due Date
WINTER 2021 July 15, 2020
SPRING 2021 December 15, 2020
FALL 2021 February 8, 2021
WINTER 2022 July 15, 2021

Student Teaching placements will not be considered until all preparation requirements have been met. (See the preparation process due dates above.)

Preparation Process

1. Notice of Intent

  • The Notice of Intent allows a student to declare their target student teaching semester.
  • Complete the Notice of Intent online form.
  • We request that this form be submitted prior to the other Preparation Process Steps.

2. Grad Plan Approval

  • Students will work with their Academic Advising Center (ADC) to approve their Grad Plan and ensure that they have declared the correct student teaching semester.
  • Use the Grad Planner tool connected with I-Plan to create and submit your Grad Plan for approval.
  • After the ADC notifies you that your Grad Plan has been approved, email the Field Services Office ( of your approval.
    • Include a confirmation statement that your target student teaching semester is the same in both your Notice of Intent and your approved Grad Plan in your email. 

3. Statement of Understanding

4. Cover Letter

  • Create a cover letter, this document will be given to those interviewing you for consideration of your student teaching placement. This document may also be shared with mentor teachers during student teaching or in practicum experiences prior to student teaching.
  • Please use the following guidelines and template to create your cover letter:
    • Keep cover letter to one page.
    • Use 12 point Arial font.
    • Include your education experience, skills that are pertinent to the field of education and your educational philosophy, etc. 
    • Make it personable, but not too personal. It should represent you in a professional manner.
    • Proof-read cover letter and/or visit the Career Services writing lab on campus to finish.
    • Use the provided template to format your cover letter.
      • Fill in/select the gray boxes.
      • Paste your finalized content into the last gray box of the template.
      • Save your completed cover letter.
    • For help see our sample cover letter.
  • Email your finished cover letter to the Field Services Office (

5. Resume 

  • Your resume will accompany, and be shared with, the same individuals as your cover letter.
  • Please use the following guidelines to create your resume:
    • Keep your resume to one-page.
    • Use 12 point Arial font.
    • Include your education and work experiences in addition to skills that relate to the educational field, etc.
    • Your resume should represent you in a professional manner.
    • Proof-read resume and/or visit the Career Services writing lab on campus to finish.
    • For help see our sample resume.
  • Email your finished resume to the Field Services Office (

After processing your Cover Letter and Resume, Field Services will return both files as a PDF document to you. Save and retain this document for use in your Student Teaching Interviews.

6. Background Check/Fingerprinting

  • Regardless of intended destination for student or career teaching, All Education majors must be fingerprinted for The State of Idaho.
  • Background checks and fingerprinting must be completed prior to the Preparation Process due date for your target student teaching semester.
  • Fingerprinting is completed in the Field Services Office. Fingerprinting office hours are M-F 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. By appointment only. Call to schedule at (208) 496-4140
  • Bring with you a government-issued ID. (Driver's license, state-issued photo ID, passport, military ID with photo, etc.)

If you are student teaching in Arizona or Utah you will be asked to complete a second set of fingerprints. This will occur after you have applied and have been assigned.