Exams & PRAXIS Requirements 

PRAXIS/Literacy/TCA Exams Writing Exams
All education students are required to take PRAXIS, Literacy and TCA exams.
Contact Content Area Program with questions or concerns.
ELED, ECSE, and SPED (K-12) are required to take the writing exam.
Contact  Kaisa Werner with questions or concerns.

Exams & PRAXIS Process

1. Research Exams

  • Students are responsible to research, understand, and register for their own PRAXIS exams.
  • By policy, Field Services cannot tell students which exams to take. 
  • Be aware that PRAXIS requirements may change at any time. Make sure you are taking the correct and most current test.
  • Research State PRAXIS Requirements, other additional PRAXIS information or contact your Program Director for help.

2. Schedule Exams

3. Take & Pass Exams

  • PRAXIS Exams are taken in person at a registered testing center.
  • Most Universities have PRAXIS test dates throughout the year. 
  • Be aware there are limited dates of PRAXIS Testing at BYU-Idaho's testing center.
  • All PRAXIS Exams and BYU-Idaho exams must be taken and passed as a prerequisite to Student Teaching.
  • PRAXIS Exams must be taken and passed by mid-term prior to your target Student Teaching semester.
  • PRAXIS scores are emailed to candidates.
  • As a recommendation, save your PRAXIS results as soon as you are given your scores. There is a significant fee to access your PRAXIS scores after a year.