Idaho State Certification Process

1. Certification Application

  • Print, read, complete and sign the Idaho Educator Certification Application.
    • The first page is a checklist and a set of instructions to assist in accurately completing the form.
    • The second page is a list of endorsements, as recognized by the State of Idaho. Use the language from this page to list endorsement(s) in Section III

2. Official Documents

  • BYU-Idaho Transcript Request
    • Paper Transcript
      • A paper copy of your transcript is suggested for the application.
      • If you request a paper copy, it must be sent directly to you, then mailed in with the application.
    • Electronic Transcript
      • If you decide to submit an electronic copy, it must be sent directly to the State.
      • List Recipient Name: Idaho Certification
      • List the Idaho Certification Email Address:
    • Once you begin the transcript request process if it's your first time ordering you will be required to register.  
    • Registration will not be required for subsequent requests.
  • Obtain other official transcripts from additional institutions listed on the application.

3. Institutional Request

4. Certification Fee

  • The state application fee is $75

5. Background Check/Fingerprinting

6. Mail Certification Packet

  • Compile all your documents and forms in your application packet.
  • Mail completed packet to Idaho State Department of Education
  • State Department of Education
    Teacher Certification
    P.O. Box 83720
    Boise, ID 83720-0027