All education graduates need to be aware of the following:

The BYU-Idaho Teacher Preparation Office will process and pay for Idaho Certification for all Education graduates who meet ALL certification requirements, and complete ALL Certification Assignments by the end of the Student Teaching semester. *  

*Any graduate who fails to meet all requirements and complete all Certification assignments BY THE END OF the Student Teaching semester will be responsible to obtain Idaho certification by their own actions.   

The following information applies to those individuals who do NOT take advantage of the opportunity listed in the preceding paragraph: 

The BYU-Idaho Certification Office will issue Institutional Recommendations for Idaho, or any other State, upon request for two years, based upon completion of all requirements that were current at the end of the student teaching semester. (Please use links in Resources side bar)

Requests for Institutional Recommendations for Idaho, or any other State, received two years or more after the completion of student teaching, will be subject to an in-depth review to determine if the applicant meets all current Idaho requirements. Any requirements that have been changed and are not met by the applicant, must be met before an Institutional Recommendation can be issued.

Proof of current certification in the State of Idaho will facilitate a speedy completion of Institutional Recommendation requests for other States, regardless of the passage of time.

Certification is ultimately the responsibility of the graduate. Certification is a post-graduation process and can't be completed without a posted degree.