East Idaho Death Records    

This Index contains information collected over the past decade at the Idaho Falls Regional Family History Center. It contains records which are primarily from southeastern Idaho and adjoining areas. Among the information sources are the newspaper obituaries, cemetery records, funeral home records, funeral programs, sexton records, and grave headstones. Information from over 200 cemeteries in southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming are included. This index also includes records of individuals from other localities who have died in this area or whose obituary appeared in local newspapers.

Idaho State Death Index 1911-1951

This is a database created by the state of Idaho that contains all deaths that occured in Idaho from 1911 through 1951 that were filed with the Bureau of Health Policy and Vital Statistics in Boise, Idaho

Western States Marriage Index

Over the past decade, the BYU-Idaho Family History Center has been extracting early marriage records from counties in the western part of the United States. Virtually all of the pre-1900 marriages are included in the index for Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada. Many Idaho and Utah counties have been extracted into the 1930s. A significant number of marriages from southwestern Wyoming, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon and selected counties in California are also included. For more details see the List of Counties by State page. As of 10 November 2003, this file contains approximately 290,677 marriage records with additional entries being added nearly every working day  

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