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Japanese - Immigrants to the United States 1887-1924

Immigrants from Japan began arriving in the United States in the 1880s. At first there was only a trickle of adventurers, but by 1900 the demand for additional mining, railroad, and farm labor brought a stream of young Japanese males to the Western United States. The Japanese Immigration to the United States 1882-1924 web site begins the process of creating an available record of these immigrants. The site is organized around the original immigrants, usually male, their wives and children. The initial geographical focus of the site is Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, where information has been collected from manuscript censuses, cemetery records, obituaries, and local historians from the Japanese American community

Obituaries - Ricks College/BYUI Alumni

The digitized obituaries of Ricks College and BYU-Idaho alumni collected by the Alumni Office.  After clicking this link, type the surname name in the search box at the right to find your ancestor in all of the Special Collections database.  If you want only Alumni Obituaries type: alumni obituaries <surname> in the search box.  Example: alumni obituaries billman 

Yearbooks - Ricks College/BYUI

The Rixidas were yearbooks published on campus until the switch from Ricks College to BYU-Idaho. For a short while thereafter, a digital yearbook was created.

Websites for Western States and Others

Web sits for: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and a few others sites around the United States

Reference Service/Requests

Photocopies avalible upon request for no charge of Idaho Death and Census records when accompanied by your current name and mailing address

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