Canvas Course Transition Step-by-Step Process

In order to have your courses available in Canvas, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Schedule a meeting with a Campus Curriculum Designer and an FTC Assistant. In this meeting you may be asked the particulars of your course(s), including unique features, questions about quizzes and assignments, and how you would like your future course to look. Please review your course(s) before the meeting, if possible, and make any adjustments or removal of old files.
  2. Complete this form for each of your courses. If you teach multiple courses, you will need to submit a response for each course. If you only submit one response, we will only convert one course. The meeting scheduled in Step 1 cannot be held until you have completed this form for each of your courses.
  3. If you are converting your course(s) from Brightspace, look at this list of the questions we’ll ask during the consultation. If you are creating your course(s) "from scratch" using a blank course shell, look at this list of the questions. You don’t need to actually write down your answers to the questions, but please look over them beforehand so you’re better prepared; this will help expedite the process.
  4. Watch this video to understand what is being done to promote consistency between courses.  Several recommended templates are available to choose from.

FAQs about the transition are listed in this article. Feel free to ask additional questions.