Dear BYU-Idaho Students,

This page has been created to provide you with information about the course evaluation process. Course evaluations are an important tool for improving the educational experience at BYU-Idaho, so thank you for sharing your thoughtful feedback. Please contact with questions.

Thank you, 

Ben Fryar

Managing Director, Institutional Research and Assessment

Enter the new course evaluation system to view questions given to students.

Course Evaluation FAQ

Why should I complete the course evaluation?

Evaluations are an anonymous way for you to let your instructor know what went well and what you feel could be improved. Instructors use your feedback to improve their course and teaching approach. University leaders use the data to discover areas of potential concern and also to identify courses that appear to be particularly effective.

Who will see my survey responses?

We average the responses from all students for each question and provide those data to your instructor. We also provide instructors the open-ended comments. Your instructor will not be able to tell which responses you provide. In addition, we also make visible aggregated data to university administrators, leadership and outside groups who need those data, such as university accreditors. Again, those viewing the data will not be able to tell how you, as an individual, responded.

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes. Your instructor will know if you have submitted an evaluation, but he or she will not be able to connect your identity to your actual responses. We do not provide instructors results in sections with less than five enrollments in order to protect student identity.

Could my responses impact my grade?

No. Your responses are anonymous so instructors will not know how you responded. Also, we do not provide your instructor with results until after he or she has submitted final grades.

Spring 2018 Changes to Course Evaluations.

Several changes were made to the course evaluation process during the Spring 2018 semester:

  • A new survey tool is being used, so the survey layout will look different than past semesters.
  • The total number of survey questions has been reduced for campus-based courses. Some minor changes have been made to questions for online courses.
  • In the past, we only asked you to evaluate a subset of your courses. Going forward, we ask that you provide feedback on all your courses (excluding internships).
  • Some campus faculty may choose to add a link to the survey instrument for additional feedback, which will go directly to them.