Like any meaningful project, successful events begin with identifying objectives and allowing plenty of time for planning and preparation. Paying attention to the details becomes critical. As BYU-Idaho continues to grow, there comes  increasing demands for limited resources. This seems obvious for space and facilities, but it also includes the resources of manpower, equipment, and furniture. From the point of first submitting your request, accurately identifying what resources are needed to support your event becomes just as critical as finding the right space; using the linked pdf for  Checklist for Events to organize your thoughts before you call and as a guide throughout your planning.  Plan for a successful event well in advance so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.*

Successful events are a shared responsibility. The chart below illustrates which part is yours as the Event Sponsor and which part is ours as Event Management.


Your Responsibilities as Sponsor

Event Management Responsibilities

Sponsors vary including BYU-Idaho departments, church units, study groups and individuals. Basic responsibilities apply to on-campus and community users.

  • Request a date and location (using linked pdf form  community request forms may be submitted 90 days prior to event date for consideration)

  • Identify target audience (estimate number of attendees and the type of guests attending)

  • Determine event content and talent (must adhere to  speaker clearance policies)

  • Identify adequate budget to host event

  • Produce printed programs, invitations, or promotional material (  University Press services are available)

  • Gain copyright permissions

  • Order specific items such as flowers or food (e.g. buffet or served meal through University Catering)

  • Host guests and provide seating charts

  • Provide program outline and conducting notes, if applicable

Scheduling Office

  • Verify the event complies with all university policies and gain appropriate level of approval including verification of speaker clearance, if applicable

  • Confirm date, space and resource availability

  • Connect event to online BYU-Idaho calendar and reports for resource services (use  calendar image template).

  • Event registrations

  • Final invoicing and budget settlement

Event Services

  • Coordinate and host pre-production meetings for university resources

  • Custodial and room and staging setups

  • Audio/visual needs (lights, sound, teleprompter, microphones, video)

  • Security and parking

  • Ticketing and ushers

  • Manage house at event including ushering and emergency services (required if over 1,000 guests in attendance)