Wordsworth Home-Plaque for Willaim Wordsworth


Students on any track may apply, but you must be in good academic standing and have an ecclesiastical endorsement for spring semester. 

Please download the 2020 British Literary Tour Application and follow the application process below.

Application Process

  • Download the 2020 British Literary Tour Application
  • Complete and print the 2020 British Literary Tour Application.
  • Submit the application to the English Department Office, Rigby Hall 180.
  • Have an interview with a tour director. You will be contacted for this interview after your application is submitted.
  • Respond to the acceptance notification. You will receive an email notifying you if you are accepted into the program. You will need to confirm your acceptance within a week of receiving this notice.
  • Pay $1200 deposit, within three weeks of acceptance. Make payments at BYU-Idaho Cashiers Office, KIM 130, and specify this payment is for the English Study Abroad program.

Selection and Screening Process

Directors consider student demeanor, personality, health, academics, and interests. Evaluation is based on recommendations, directors' knowledge, and information supplied by the student. Preference is given to earliest applications. Not all applicants will be accepted. A student who is not accepted is entitled to a full refund of any deposit paid.

2020 British Literary Tour Application