The English as an International Language Center offers tutoring for the following courses. You can only sign up for tutoring appointments after course registration.

ENG 109 (3 credits)

International students are expected to take this course to prepare them for the English foundation requirements. This class helps students adjust to the American English writing style and strengthens their abilities to perform on academic papers. Grammar and punctuation are emphasized. Students will be expected to meet with a tutor once a week to complete course requirements. Sign up for 109 tutoring appointments.

ENG 108 (3 credits)

Eng 108 is a speaking/listening class with an emphasis on American culture for international students or those who speak English as their second language. Students will practice speaking in class through presentations. They will also be invited to participate in interactive settings. The course focuses on American classroom culture. Office hours, classroom discussions, and cultural differences are discussed. There is also a focus on American history vocabulary with the intent to prepare international students for the American foundations' requirement. Sign up for 108 tutoring appointments.

ENG 102R (0.5 - 2 credits)

Eng 102r is a course that allows tutors to work directly with students on an individual basis to help them learn a variety of study strategies and specific reading strategies. Some of the study/reading strategies include:

Time management: Work with tutor to create and follow a weekly schedule. Also learn how to plan and use time effectively.

  • Cornell notes: Learn to take notes in class, review notes, and prepare for upcoming classes.
  • Test taking strategies: Discover ideas and suggestions to guide your test taking experience.
  • Flashcards and ongoing review: Practice using flashcards to study and prepare for tests.
  • Downloading and Power reading: Learn to use download patterns to take notes after setting a goal for specific readings.

Although Eng 102r is a course, you will not be learning in a classroom setting with other students. You will work one-on-one with a tutor who will function under the direction of the professor overseeing the course. Beware that this is not an English class; rather, it is a course that helps you improve your study and reading skills. This class is a good add-on if you need a credit or two to complete your registration. Meeting times are flexible according to your schedule, but once you pick your days and times, you are expected to commit to them weekly. The course can be customized to meet the personal needs of each student. Appointments will be once or twice a week depending on the number of class credit (s).

After registering for ENG102R, use this form to sign up for ENG 102R appointments. You can only sign up for appointments after registering for this class.

Students who sign up for tutoring appointments should be willing to adhere to the following rules:

  • Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions. (Students who miss two consecutive appointments may be dropped by the third missed appointment).
  • Communicate effectively with my tutor if I have an emergency. (Students should not use avoidable excuse to skip appointments or reschedule).
  • Be on time and prepare for all my tutoring appointments.
  • Set goals and provide input regarding the direction of my tutoring sessions. (Tutoring is about helping each student be successful in their reading and school experience. This can only happen if you are an active participant in the process).
  • Treat my tutor with respect and courtesy. (Respect tutor’s time and availability. Students are not entitled to repeatedly reschedule appointments. Tutors also have their academic commitments and responsibilities).
  • Maintain a professional relationship with your tutor while being tutored. (Students and tutors are not allowed to date. If your tutor gives you his or her cell phone number, it is for tutoring purposes only).
  • Treat with seriousness the subject matter you are studying. (Tutoring is about learning and study; it is not a time for texting, Facebooking, etc).
  • Lead the discussion about what I am learning and how it will help me as a learner.
  • Complete all assignments assigned during tutoring.
  • Be accountable to my tutor. (This includes allowing your tutor to provide feedback, study tips, support and guidance regarding your overall academic performance).
  • Always check-in and check-out at the supervisor’s desk.