Tool List

Required Tools for BYUI Automotive Labs

Students are required to buy their own tools. Listed below are the 'Basic Tools' that are needed by everyone who enrolls in an automotive lab. Other tools are required for each course you take (see below).  



BASIC TOOLS - for all automotive labs 

  • Metric 6-point socket set, 1/4" and 3/8" drive (shallow & deep sockets, extensions & ractchets) (5mm-21mm)
  • Metric hex (allen sockt Set (3mm-10mm)
  • Torx socket set: male T8 - T55
  • Socket adaptor set (Matco #SRA5TB or equiv)
  • Metric combination wrench set 7mm - 19mm
  • 9" needle-nose locking pliers (Vice Grip or equiv)
  • Flat blade screwdrivers 3/16", 1/4", & 3/8"
  • Phillips screwdrivers #1, #2, & #3
  • Needle-nose pliers (6" or longer)
  • 4-piece pick set
  • Groove-joint pliers (10" or longer)
  • Diagonal cutter pliers (6" or longer)
  • Flash light (pocket-size)
  • Safety glasses (University Store or Automotive Office)
  • Magnet with telescoping handle
  • 20" 3-drawer tool box (University Store)
    • Maximum size = 21"x12"x9" Example: GearWrench 83151

AUTO 131L: Electrical Systems

Basic tools, plus:

  • Digital multimeter (University Store, WH5000A)
  • 12-volt test light (with a light bulb, not an LED)
  • Wire stripper/crimper pliers
  • T-pins for back-probing (University Store or Automotive Office)
  • Trim panel removal tool (plastic)

AUTO 132L: Engine Performance

Basic tools, Auto 131L tools, plus:

  • Spark tester w/ adjustable gap (Thexton #THE404 or equiv)
  • 5/8" spark plug socket (included in some socket sets)
  • Feeler gauge set - down to .0015"
  • OBD II scan tool & data logger (OBD Link MX+)

AUTO 155L: Chassis Systems

Basic tools, plus:

  • Flare (tubing) wrenches: 10mm, 13 mm
  • Magnetic tool/parts tray
  • Punch & chisel set (4 piece or more)
  • Coveralls or shop coat (clean, dark color, no holes)

AUTO 365: Automatic Transmissions

Basic tools, Auto 155L, 131L tools, plus:

  • Snap ring pliers: (Matco #TP17 or equiv)
  • Snap ring pliers: (Matco #TP16A or equiv)
  • Pick set - 4 piece: (Matco #HP50 or HP5G or equiv)

Other labs not listed here require the same tools as their prerequisite courses.

Optional tools (all tools stored on campus must fit inside your 20" toolbox. Additional tools must be stored off-campus.

  • 1/2" drive air impact wrench
  • 3/8” drive impact wrench
  • Air ratchet 3/8” drive
  • Air ratchet ¼” drive
  • Air fitting - Milton 727 or equiv (for all air tools)
  • 1/2" drive impact socket set, (metric)
  • 3/8" drive impact socket set (metric)
  • 3/8” drive wobbly impact sockets
  • 2-3 lb. sledge hammer
  • Rubber mallet (dead blow)
  • Pry bar set
  • Compression gauge set
  • Cylinder leakage tester
  • 60 amp current clamp
  • 600 amp current clamp
  • Automotive PicoScope
  • Soldering iron or gun
  • Heat gun
  • Memory saver—with OBD II connector
  • Torque wrench
  • 6” caliper (digital or dial type)
  • Micrometer set (0-4”)

Please purchase quality tools; they will cost you less money in the long-run. During the first week of each semester tool vendors will be at BYUI to offer tools at discounted prices to students.