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Evaluate Your Intern

Instructions and troubleshooting tips for student intern evaluations.

Complete an Intern Evaluation

Evaluations are completed in Career Navigator.

Once you have logged in, click Evaluate My Intern in the Quick Links menu. Your intern should be on the next page, with an Evaluate Student button.

Trouble-shooting Internship Evaluations

  • If the quick link doesn't work, please notify our office.
  • If your intern's name does not appear.
    • Click the Clear button to refresh the screen.
    • Ensure the scheduled end date is within two weeks. You will receive an email two weeks before the end date to notify you the evaluation is available. If you haven't received the email yet, this could be the issue.
    • Ensure the hiring supervisor hasn't changed. Evaluations are linked to the supervisor that the student listed when they registered for the internship. Perhaps another person hired the intern, but you are supervising them.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the Career Center at We will make any necessary changes to help complete your evaluation.