ED 245: Early Field Experience (2 credits)

The Early Field Experience course follows the principles course with experience in a public elementary school setting. Teacher candidates work twice a week with a mentor teacher and children, attending a seminar on campus at the beginning of each month during the semester. Teacher candidates will plan lessons, teach them, and reflect on their effectiveness. Lessons at the beginning and end of the semester will be observed by the mentor teacher and by the course instructor by appointment.

ED 346E: Elementary Literacy Practicum (2 credits)

The literacy practicum is a competency-based, field experience designed to assist ELED majors in applying their understanding of literacy development and instruction in public school classrooms. Teacher candidates will continue building expertise in lesson planning, classroom management, teaching strategies, and professionalism through a combination of providing literacy instruction to small and/or whole groups of children and collaborating with mentors and course instructors.

ED 449: Elementary Senior Practicum (6 credits)

This course is designed to give students hands-on experience in classroom management, curriculum design, and collaboration while working in an elementary school classroom. Hours include time in public schools with a weekly seminar