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Tyler Tanner

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B.S., Idaho State University; M.A., Idaho State University; 14 years Seminaries and Institute instructor; 6 years Adjunct Religion Faculty, BYU-Idaho; Currently Assistant Recorder in Idaho Falls Temple

Classes Taught

  • Analysis of the Plagues of Egypt and Their Prophetic Significance to Us Today
    • Fri 11:40 AM
  • One of the most historic events in our world's history is the exodus of the Children of Israel out of Egypt. The plagues orchestrated by the Lord preceding this movement were deliberate, prophetic, and loaded with lessons for our day. In this class, we will take a deeper look into the individual plagues, their historical significance, as well as their importance for Latter-day Saints in the 21st Century.

  • An Endowment of Power From on High
    • Sat 11:40 AM
  • A symbolic and analytical approach to the temple endowment. Understanding the symbols and history of the endowment will enhance your temple worship and give perspective to these sacred covenants. Specifically using some of Christ's teachings from the New Testament, we will take a closer look at what he was trying to illustrate regarding the importance of the temple endowment. The scriptures provide the context needed to enlarge our understanding of the covenants made in the Holy Temple.