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Stanley Kivett

Image of Stanley Kivett


Bachelors and Masters from ASU; Doctorate from NCU; Faculty BYU-Idaho Religion Department 

Classes Taught

  • Great Truths From the Life of Elijah
    • Thu 10:20 AM
  • Several events from the life of Elijah will be used to teach important principles that Saints in the last days will need to know and live.

  • The Fall and Redemption as Taught in the Wilderness Motif and the Tabernacle
    • Fri 9:00 AM
  • Throughout the scriptures we find examples of wilderness journeys that teach principles about returning to the Father. The Tabernacle and Temple also teach similar principles. God has typified the Plan of Salvation in these teaching tools.

  • What Joseph of Egypt Can Teach Us About Jesus Christ
    • Fri 10:20 AM
  • Joseph of Egypt's was a grand type of Jesus Christ and can teach us powerful insights about how the Savior works with us to prepare us to return to the Father.